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Obstacles and Solutions

Building a strong PBE program in your school and community takes time, persistence, and a dose of creative thinking. But before you say, “I can’t do it,” listen to the voice of experience! Veteran teachers have identified the most common obstacles to success and suggested ways to tackle each one.

  • Place-based education is a new idea and it lacks administrative support. Solutions
  • There isn’t enough time for place-based education projects. Solutions
  • Many teachers are not comfortable in outdoor classroom settings. Solutions
  • Community Associations and other groups are not aware of the possibilities. Solutions
  • In schools, the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. Solutions
  • It’s not clear to teachers and administrators how PBE addresses educational standards. Solutions
  • Funding for and commitment to PBE projects fluctuates from year to year, administration to administration. Solutions


James River Study

Students from six high schools in a South Dakota watershed conduct water quality tests along the James River and electronically share data with each other, university students, and with local and state agencies. University students post questions for students to research. Students conduct a fish survey, study the Native American heritage of the river, and learn water resources issues.

Roncalli High School
Aberdeen, SD

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