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2010 NEEEA/POP Conference

Create, Cultivate, Collaborate: Designing Our Shared Future

Registration now open! Go to 2010 NEEEA/POP Conference web site for more information and to register!

October 21–23, 2010
Lake Morey Resort in Fairlee, Vermont

Ten years into the 21st century, this moment calls on us ALL:

To CREATE: sustainable solutions, systems, designs, models, tools, jobs…

To CULTIVATE: a sense of place, shared sense of purpose, partnerships, innovation, ecological and environmental literacy, bio-cultural diversity, personal health, healthy communities, fertile soil, prosperous economies…

To COLLABORATE: with nature, with each other, within communities, among diverse constituencies, across disciplines, around boundaries, beyond the usual alliances, through stewardship and citizenship, for quality of life, toward renewable energy systems and resilient food systems…

In short, to design our shared future.

Join us in Vermont in 2010 as we merge the New England Environmental Education Alliance (NEEEA) and Promise of Place (POP) conferences, bringing together a wide circle of people who, in some capacity in their work or recreation, connect people with the environment. We ALL are educating about the environment—from town planners to public health workers, farmers to artists, engineers to hunters and sportsmen, builders and designers to land trusts and historians to energy innovators. We recognize that the unique overlaps of such groups are important in the security and health of our future environment. We all play a special role in catalyzing the learning that moves individuals of any age to act in their communities with care and understanding: to create, to cultivate, to collaborate.

Moving our communities toward sustainability requires all of us who are linked by the tendrils of place, a commitment to the health of the living world, and a vision of human communities thriving within the means of nature.

We welcome all those who see a role in designing our shared future to gather with us for three days in the beautiful Upper Valley of Vermont. Starting with this place as our context, we’ll share our learning, reflect on the work of many, and deepen our understanding. Even more importantly, we’ll build a shared foundation for action, to seize the potential for broad-based environmental literacy and place-based education to create models for authentic 21st century learning, to cultivate a sense of place, and to foster collaboration for sustainable solutions.

Go to the 2010 NEEEA/POP Conference web site for more information and to register!

"The conference exceeded my expectations and goals. It was a wonderful networking opportunity. It both affirmed the work I already do and challenged me to think about ways that I can improve the educational programs that I run."

—POP 2007 Participant

"I have been to many conferences, but I can count on one hand the ones that have been meaningful beginning to end. This was definitely one of them."

—POP 2007 Participant

"Overall this was a wonderful experience. I not only learned so much, it changed the way I think, look and learn…I am already approaching life in a better way!"

—POP 2007 Participant

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