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Stories from the Field

Educators in all corners of the world are using the natural and cultural environment as a foundation for learning. View brief vignettes, or use the search engine at right to find more in-depth case studies, filtered by grade level, demographics, subject area, and more. Exploring place-based learning vignettes and case studies can support and inspire you in your own place-based education and relative initiatives.

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Highlighted Stories From the Field

Chickens in the Classroom: A Lesson in Multi-Ethnic Place-based Education

Student with Chicken

Angela McGregor, an educator with Shelburne Farms' Sustainable Schools Project, was teaching Lawrence Barnes first graders a lesson about chickens when something unexpected—and extraordinary—happened: a little chicken leapt across a cultural divide.

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Teachers in the Forest: A Practitioner's Take on Forest for Every Classroom

Michael Quinn, a 7th and 8th grade science teacher at Hartford Middle School in White River Junction, Vermont describes the place-base learning initiative, Forest For Every Classroom (FFEC) as an oasis or rest stop for participating teachers.

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Sustainable Schools Project: What Does it Mean to be a Citizen in Our Neighborhood?

When Lawrence Barnes Elementary School teachers Amy La-Chance and Deirdre Morris developed the year-long essential question for their 2nd and 3rd grade classes "How do we care for the world and how does the world care for us?" it made sense to use the surrounding neighborhood as a spring board for broader study.

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City of Stories

A City of Stories is a unique book arts project that encourages middle school students to use personal connection and creative storytelling to explore the diversity of their local community.

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