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Why it matters

Place-based education may sound like a neat concept, but does it work? How do teachers, struggling to meet state standards and the test-based rigors of modern education, justify place-based education to administrators, or vice versa? What do students and teachers actually gain? And how do you create high quality professional development opportunities, programs or curriculum?

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Dane County Cultural Tour 2002

Fourth and fifth grade students spent a year studying the cultural history of Dane County, Wisconsin. The student-driven project culminated in a four day, 370 mile road trip of the county. They visited a cheese factory, a Cambodian Buddhist temple, three farms, and a fiddle maker. They also interviewed folk artists, musicians, and community historians. An impressive collection of projects like this, including student work and curricula, can be found at the Wisconsin Teachers of Local Culture website.

Randall Elementary School
Madison, Wisconsin

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