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Why it matters

Place-based education may sound like a neat concept, but does it work? How do teachers, struggling to meet state standards and the test-based rigors of modern education, justify place-based education to administrators, or vice versa? What do students and teachers actually gain? And how do you create high quality professional development opportunities, programs or curriculum?

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Belmont Barns

As part of the Vermont Reads program sponsored by the Vermont Humanities Council, third and fourth graders, their parents, and other community members in Belmont, VT read "As Long As There Are Mountains" by Vermont author Natalie Kinsey-Warnock. Students met with local elders, toured historic barns and productive farms in the community, and met with state wildlife biologists to learn about local habitat. They also met with members of the Mount Holly Community Guild the Select Board, The Planning Commission, and The Barn Preservation Association to discuss the book. Students created educational posters showing how a barn is raised, a quilt representing different barn styles for display in the community, and posters with drawings and descriptions of plants referenced in the book.

Mount Holly School
Blemong, VT

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