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About Us

The Promise of Place web site is a project of:

Center for Place-based Learning and Community Engagement

A unique public private partnership that works to advance the state of the art in place-based education by facilitating collaborative efforts in research, program design, techical assistance, resource development and dissemination. The Center Partners are:

In collaboration with:

Place-based Education and Evaluation Collaborative (PEEC)

A unique partnership of several nonprofit organizations and projects from New England and beyond whose aim is to strengthen and deepen the practice place-based education initiatives through program evaluation. The PEEC Partners are:

This website was supported by the USDA Forest Service as part of Electronic Commons competitive grants program. A partnership of the USDA Forest Service, Wood Education and Resource Center, and the Northern Initiatives

Additional web support provided by Missouri Botanical Garden under National Science Foundation grants #ESI-0639638 and #DRL-0833663.


Urban Garden

Students in Lackawanna, New York design and plant a school garden. Educators hope the experience of creating and caring for a garden counters the negative forces of substance abuse, violence, and truancy. Teachers integrate the project into math, science, language, and fine arts curriculum. A four-week summer program extends the project and provides a safe alternative activity for youth.

Lackawanna Middle/High School
Lackawanna, NY

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