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Mapping and Technology Tools


CMaP supports youth, educators and community partners in a process of discovery and learning about their community and its resources. They tackle authentic issues using hands-on resources and mapping technologies, including geographic information systems (GIS), global positioning systems (GPS), and satellite imagery to actively investigate social, economic and ecological systems; identify and solve local problems; and develop enduring connections. is intended to educate anyone interested in geographic technology.

Google Maps

You can make your own Google Maps and have it hosted on the Internet at no cost, or embed the map in your own web site.

Mapping Your Community

Mapping Your Community is a series of ArcGIS® 9.2 tutorials that help students gain mapping skills and build toward independent investigations.

Vermont Center for Geographic Information

A nonprofit that develops essential statewide databases for downloading, creates interactive maps, offers outreach and training, and supports VT Spatial Data Partnerships, an informal group of stakeholders committed to improving geographic information systems in Vermont.

Wilderness Technology Alliance

Wilderness Technology Alliance’s mission is to develop and implement educational programs where students apply technology to project-based experiential education. They gain professional skills while producing marketable products that help sustain the program. Past students become tomorrow’s teachers. The Alliance typically partners with state education agencies, school districts, and other formal or informal teaching institutions to implement its programs. The website includes an excellent section on student projects that combine field research and technology in Washington State public lands.