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Research, Evaluation, and Articles

Place-based Education Evaluation Collaborative (PEEC)

The Place-based Education and Evaluation Collaborative (PEEC) is a partnership of several nonprofit organizations and projects from New England and beyond. By combining efforts, the collaborative is able to support program evaluation for each of the individual place-based education programs and better identify successful characteristics shared by them all. All evaluation reports and tools are available to the public at their website.

Program Evaluation and Educational Research Associates, Inc. (PEER)

PEER conducts evaluation and research for PEEC and other programs seeking to promote environmental, place-based, and empowerment goals. PEER workswith organizations based in rural and urban communities from around the country. Clients have included the National Park Service, Orton Family Foundation, Greening of Detroit, Earthworks, Boston Nature Center, and many more.

Journal of Environmental Education

This is an excellent resource for educators. The journal provides current research in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities, and details how best to present environmental issues and how to evaluate programs already in place.

Clearing Magazine

Clearing Magazine is a quarterly magazine for environmental and place-based education.